Review: Spartacus


Dr. Liew’s Capsule Review:

Just watched a old flim classic from 40 yrs ago, Spartacus, helmed by the iconic Kirk Douglas.

It is entertaining as a period film goes. But sad to note that they don’t make such films anymore… since the days of Ben Hur; the most recent attempted reboot was anaemic at the box office… as was the bible tale  (Exodus) that featured Christian Bale.

Having said   that, it is also pertinent to mention that audience taste of film genres evolve over time… I  wonder if films like Avatar and Titanic would garner such amazing box office receipts if they were released today?….

Sonny writes:

Attempts to revive the “Swords and Sandals” genre have indeed not done too well of late.

The Ben Hur remake in particular was both a commerical and critical failure, repotedly losing some US$120m!

Movies like Exodus and Noah seemed to have faired better, though it’s been a while since a movie set in the era has really set the movie world alight – you’d have to go back to Ridley Scott’s Gladiator for that – a movie that still feels like a recent release in my mind but is actually 17 years old!

Review: Pete’s Dragon

By itself, the movie is entertaining…but somehow there is a deja vu feeling as I exited the cinema…

Then I realized the film storyline is rather similar to another movie I recently saw: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant); both films portray  frienship / bonding between a child & giants (one human; one dragon ) with some manipulation of the plot line to make it “different”.

If one sees enough movies one cannot help but feels that somehow Hollywood  is beginning to run out of new and fresh ideas… so much so that they are resorting to sequels ( eg: Star Wars…) & reboots (Magnificient 7)…