Reaction: Bridge of Spies

On Bridge of Spies

Doctor Liew: The movie portrays a gripping tale set in the Cold War era based on a true life incident. Tom Hanks’ performance is credible enough and I thought it was Oscar-worthy.

Sonny: But he wasn’t nominated, and it was Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel who in fact won a Best Supporting Oscar. What did you think of his performance?

Doctor Liew: It was ok, but didn’t really stand out for me. (!)

Sonny: Do you remember the Cold War when you were growing up?

Doctor Liew: I was aware of it, but I wasn’t really interested in the politics then.

Sonny: What about the Bomb? Were you worried about the prospect of a Nuclear War?

Doctor Liew: Not really…

Sonny: But as a doctor you were always worried about germs… why worry about that and not a Nuclear Apocalypse?

Doctor Liew: Well.. germs are all around us, but there are no nukes in Southeast Asia. Even if the Americans and Russians bombed each other, they probably wouldn’t bother with Malaysia!

Sonny: But what about the fallout and radiation??

Doctor Liew: Well… Human beings will survive somehow, some small pockets here and there.

Sonny: What about other potential Apocalypses… infectious diseases wiping out the human race, or Global Warming…

Doctor Liew: As I said, humans would survive somehow.

Sonny: So you’re not worried about any of these End of the World scenarios?

Doctor Liew: Would it help?



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