Review: The Sting

Dr. Liew writes: Just re-watched  the 1976 caper The Sting… It is still fun to see Robert Redford & the late Paul Newman in the 2nd installment of their back to back runaway hits …. the other being Butch Casidy & the Sundance Kid. It was a pity that they didn’t collaborate in more films after that. They were amongst the most charismatic actors to grace the screen… second only to Gregory Peck in my book….

(Sonny: They almost did a third movie together  years later, according to this piece:

The Sting itself was a joyride to watch as it shows the taking down of a “hoodlum” portrayed by Robert Shaw… However, even though we celebrate his downfall… on reflection, one also cannot help but empathize with him because he is formidable character….

Truth be told one needs to be intellectually superior to be a successful person, be it for the good or a life of crime. History will testify that some of the most notorius minds are endowed with superior intelligence.


Sonny: But what about someone like Donald Trump?

Dr. Liew: Well… he must be quite smart in his own way to be a succesful businessman.

Sonny: Well that’s partly because his father loaned him a million dollars!

Dr. Liew: Still, he didn’t squander it away.

Sonny: He has had a lot of failed ventures though, especially with casinos.

Dr. Liew: Still, he’s the President of the United States.

Sonny: Exactly! So maybe success is not about being smarter, but luckier or being in the right place at the right time…?

Dr. Liew: Well… they still have to be clever in their own way. You can’t really be totally foolish and successful.

Sonny: There must have been some people who were…

Dr. Liew: Forrest Gump!

Sonny: Well… he was clever in his own way.

Dr. Liew: Exactly.


Movie Lessons

Fact 1: In a previous review, Doctor Liew had mentioned Gregory Peck’s character in To Kill A Mockingbird being an influence on his own life, as someone who  “showed the importance of compassion and justice, what it means to be a real hero.

Fact 2: When we were kids, whenever we dropped anything on the floor, my dad would get rather agitated when we tried to pick it up – as a doctor, he saw germs everywhere, and would rather us throw the object away or wash it much too thoroughly (in our eyes). So when he was rewatching Mockingbird recently and came across the following scene when Atticus Finch takes out a rabid dog… (start from 1:30 in the clip)

…his first reaction was: “He put his glasses back on without washing them!”

At which point me and my mum practically leapt out of our chairs to say – See?? Even Greogory Peck thinks its ok!!

But of course it’s just a movie, probably shot on a set with very clean floors, and so we’d still be better off not trying to pick up anything off the floor when Doctor Liew is around.