Movie Review: Midnight Run

Doctor Liew’s Capsule Review:

Just watched Midnight Run on DVD… It is not one of De Niro’s best efforts  but still  “watchable” – 6/10 rating maybe. The film uses a formulaic theme – a conman/hustler with a heart of gold – that has been told in various formats before, hence there are no real surprises in there.

De Niro still is & always will be a great actor , and  there will always be a sizable audience for his flicks. From Raging Bull to Cape Fear his films will continue to enthrall cinema audience for many good years to come, so kudos to him.

I put him up there with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Jack Nicholson… somehow one scene from one of his movies will always be etched in my mind – the one in Men of Honor with Cuba Gooding Jr, where he ridiculed a stammering navy recruit.

Q & A

Sonny: Is Robert De Niro your favourite actor?

Dr. Liew: He’s one of many that I like.

Sonny: Who else is there… Paul Newman?

Dr. Liew: Yes, Paul Newman. And the actor from To Kill a Mocking Bird… Gregory Peck…

Sonny: I’ve never seen many of his movies to be honest.

Dr Liew: Moby Dick, The Guns of Navarone… those were some of his other films. Also Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster… those are the older ones.

Sonny: If you could meet one of them for a dinner who would you pick?

Dr. Liew: Who’s paying for the dinner?

Sonny: Of course they’d pay, lah!

Dr. Liew: If they’re paying then anyone will do!


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