Q&A: Logan and Superheroes


Sonny: What did you think of Logan?

Dr. Liew: A lot of violence and mayhem!

Sonny: What did you think of the aging of the characters?

Dr. Liew: Well… there isn’t really a choice… time has to pass by. They can’t remain youthful forever.

Sonny: Did you relate to the theme of mortality?

Dr. Liew: It’s just a movie.

Sonny: But movies can affect our lives, right? Like the one you learned to swear from…

(Editor: Dr. Liew claims that, when he was younger, watching a film where a military general was swearing made him feel more at ease with doing the same as it demonstrated that even figures of authority did it.)

Dr. Liew: That was a long time ago…  that time people seldom sweared in the movies. These days it happens so often…

Sonny: The point is that film influenced you even though it was just a movie.

Dr. Liew: Nowadays the mind is numb already and cannot be influenced anymore… if it’s something new, not done before for, then the idea is fresh and has an impact. But once you repeat it too often it feels like a daily routine.

Sonny: Do you remember any other movies or actors that have influenced you?

Dr. Liew: (Chuckles) To Kill A Mocking Bird.

Sonny: Again? In what sense?

Dr. Liew: It featured Gregory Peck as a lawyer trying to defend an innocent black man.

Sonny: But how did it influence you?

Dr. Liew: It showed the importance of compassion and justice, what it means to be a real hero.


Additonal Thoughts by Sonny

I thought some of the most interesting things about the movie were some of the almost throwaway visuals and lines: the depiction of self-driving trucks on the highway, and the brief discussion of giant cornstalks and the agro-industry  for example hinted at the possibilities of a different kind of superhero movie, even if these were mood-setting rather than primary themes in this one.




Movie Review: Midnight Run

Doctor Liew’s Capsule Review:

Just watched Midnight Run on DVD… It is not one of De Niro’s best efforts  but still  “watchable” – 6/10 rating maybe. The film uses a formulaic theme – a conman/hustler with a heart of gold – that has been told in various formats before, hence there are no real surprises in there.

De Niro still is & always will be a great actor , and  there will always be a sizable audience for his flicks. From Raging Bull to Cape Fear his films will continue to enthrall cinema audience for many good years to come, so kudos to him.

I put him up there with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Jack Nicholson… somehow one scene from one of his movies will always be etched in my mind – the one in Men of Honor with Cuba Gooding Jr, where he ridiculed a stammering navy recruit.

Q & A

Sonny: Is Robert De Niro your favourite actor?

Dr. Liew: He’s one of many that I like.

Sonny: Who else is there… Paul Newman?

Dr. Liew: Yes, Paul Newman. And the actor from To Kill a Mocking Bird… Gregory Peck…

Sonny: I’ve never seen many of his movies to be honest.

Dr Liew: Moby Dick, The Guns of Navarone… those were some of his other films. Also Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster… those are the older ones.

Sonny: If you could meet one of them for a dinner who would you pick?

Dr. Liew: Who’s paying for the dinner?

Sonny: Of course they’d pay, lah!

Dr. Liew: If they’re paying then anyone will do!