Review: Lion

Doctor Liew’s Capsule Review:

A 4-star film featuring a simple “Lost & Found” storyline starring Dev Patel , which matches his effort in Slum-Dog Millionaire. Based on a supposedly true tale, its a “lion” like effort that results in a truly engaging film.


Sonny: You gave the movie 4 stars – why not 5?

Dr. Liew: 4 stars is good enough, normally I’d give only 3 stars.

Sonny: Which movies would you rate at 5 stars?

Dr. Liew: AvatarShane. And… Lion 2, they’ll do one better!

Sonny: Did you cry when you saw the movie?

Dr. Liew: No.

Sonny: You weren’t moved?

Dr. Liew: Moved yes, but not enough to cry.

Sonny: Do you ever cry at the movies?

Dr. Liew: When you buy a ticket… and you go in but then they don’t want to show the film….

It happened once (Editor: the cinema not wanting to show a film, not the crying!)… in Seremban. Nobody else was watching and they wanted to cancel the screening… but then two other buggers came in so it was OK and they showed the film.

Sonny: But serioulsy, have you ever cried watching a film?

Dr. Liew: Yes, but not recently.

Sonny: I cried a lot when I saw this movie the first time. (Editor:  He also cried watching The Good Dinosaur and Pete’s Dragon, so that might not be saying much!)


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